Jennifer Aniston Celebrated Her 48th Birthday In A Sexy Bikini That Proves She Hasn't Aged A Bit

You've got to love the Internet. No, not because it's the reason we have a job, but because, after seeing pictures of sexy actress Jennifer Aniston in a bikini over the weekend, people started compiling the best ones of her for all of us to stare at.

The 48-year-old Jen—who just celebrated her birthday over the weekend—was spotted with husband Justin Theroux in Los Cabos, Mexico, walking around in bikinis, sipping on drinks and, of course, looking A-plus while doing it all.

If there's one woman every single man can agree to have a major crush on, it's Jennifer Aniston, who has captivated us and has stolen our hearts since playing Rachel on Friends—which, mind you, was all the way back in the mid-'90s.

It's a little unfair to other ladies that, at her age, Aniston looks as incredibly sexy as she does. But, hey, that's why everyone adores Jen, right?!?

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