Jennifer Aniston: Your Complete Guide To Her Amazing Movie Career

Having been part of the Friends cast would have been enough for most actors to drop the mic and spend the rest of their lives lounging on all of those residuals. But that's never been the case with Jennifer Aniston, who had gotten a film career going prior to the show, continued it during and definitely flourished on the big screen afterwards.


What's surprising to hear is that, despite all of her success, Jennifer Aniston doesn't necessarily get to pick every role that she wants. Sometimes, she even has to fight for it, as was the case with her dramatic turn in Cake.

Here's what Jen revealed to Collider:

"Usually, I don’t even get the opportunity to go in the room ‘cause it’s usually given to an actress that is already in the director or screenwriter’s mind. Usually, I’m not put onto those lists. To be quite honest, I’ve even heard back, 'Too much baggage with that. Too known, and won’t be able to disappear.' That just made me want, more and more, to find something that I could dig my heels into. It’s a blessing and a curse. You’re so lucky to be a working actor ‘cause god knows it’s really hard to be a working actor in this industry. I’m quite grateful, every day. But there’s a lot of ability in all of us, and it’s a catch-22. If you give me the job, I’ll show you I can do it. But, they don’t give you the job because they’ve never seen you do it. You have to wait for those opportunities where someone says, 'Yeah, I’m gonna take a chance on you and give you a shot.'"

For what it's worth, we're willing to give Jennifer Aniston a shot whenever she'd like! In the meantime, let's take a deeper look at all of her films.

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