Jennifer Lawrence Stars As Sexy Spy In 'Red Sparrow' (After Watching The Trailer, We Want To Defect)

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It's not just your imagination, because, yes, Jennifer Lawrence seems to enjoy moving from genre to genre, having already taken on superheroes (X-Men), sci-fi dystopia (The Hunger Games), dramas (most of her other credits) and horror (Mother!). Now, with Red Sparrow, she’s moving on to the world of spies.

Based on the novel by former CIA agent Jason Matthews, the film sees her cast as Russian Dominika Egorova, a former ballerina who, following a career-altering injury, ends up becoming a spy. Over the course of the events of the film, she falls for CIA agent Nathaniel Nash (Joel Edgerton), and begins taking on the idea of becoming a double agent.

Director Francis Lawrence — who had previously worked with Lawrence on the Hunger Games films Catching Fire and the two-part Mockingjay — had this to say about how the movie came to be, after the studio, 20th Century Fox, sent him the novel, via Inquirer Plus:

“I was attracted to the story of the character, specifically, Dominika, the part that Jennifer’s playing. I’m attracted to the journeys of isolated characters. I thought Dominika was a really unique character. I find the spy genre very interesting. And what’s interesting to me about this is that it doesn’t seem to fall into a category that’s too polarizing, the kind of John le Carré political genre or ‘gadgety’ Bond or Mission Impossible. It’s somewhere in between.”

In terms of casting Jennifer Lawrence, he added, “As I read the book, I pictured Jennifer in the role. Actually, before we even started working on the script, while we were in post for Mockingjay, I was already talking to her about the character and picking her brain to see if she would be interested. I’ve also found that she feels and looks Russian. So I thought she’d be believable.”

As to the inspiration for the novel, Matthews detailed to Publisher’s Weekly:

“I wrote Red Sparrow when I retired from the CIA after 33 years in the Operations Directorate. Choosing the genre was easy: I lived the life for my entire professional career. I thought it would be interesting to celebrate the world of intelligence and espionage using the fascinating accounts over the decades of agents, traitors, mole hunts, illegals, clandestine operations, and the different intelligence services.”

In talking to FHM, Jennifer discussed her diversity of roles and the reason she wanted to become an actress in the first place: “I think kind of the same reason why a chef loves food and wants to be a chef, or a writer loves writing stories. I felt like I was made for it and I felt like I understood it more than anything that I did or do to this day. I just love telling stories.”

Red Sparrow is due to hit theaters in the U.S. on March 2, 2018.

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