Jennifer Lopez Shows That, Even At 47 Years Old, She's Still Got One Killer Physique

Man, I remember having the biggest crush on Jennifer Lopez when I was in sixth grade. Funny thing is that, even over 20 years later, that crush hasn't really faded all that much. In fact, given J-Lo has continued to stun and be super successful and in the spotlight—along with being sexy—that crush of mine might even be bigger now at 32 years old than it was when I was 12! Is that sad?

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Maybe, but don't be so quick to judge me after seeing one of the most recent Instagram pics from Jennifer Lopez, where she's standing around for a selfie in a crop-top, poking through her shirt and showing off some killer abs!


No joke, how is she 47 years old, guys?

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In addition to the fire picture from Lopez is the simple caption of, "Ayyyyy...," as she stands in her blue sunglasses so provocatively.

Now, we won't say we're jealous of another man too often, but is it not hard to wonder how former MLB player Alex Rodriguez is so lucky as to have snagged Jennifer as his lady? After all, this is a guy who seemingly did everything wrong during his baseball career after getting a record contract that people turned against him—whether fair or not.

A-Rod and J-Lo might be something us other guys are really working at having for ourselves—but, then again, most dudes don't have millions of dollars and good looks to pick up someone like Jennifer Lopez. Oh well, we guess the next best thing is to admire her from afar... which is something we can do here thanks to these incredible Instagram pics.

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