Jennifer Lopez's Hottest Instagram Moments Add Some Much Needed Heat To This Chilly Day

Jennifer Lopez has been dubbed one of the sexiest women in the world on numerous occasions and anyone who follows Jennifer Lopez's Instagram should have no trouble seeing why. At 48-years-old the actress, singer, dancer, and fashion designer has proven to have incredible lasting power in an industry that places way too much important on youth.

Nowadays, the Puerto Rican beauty is as famous as ever! From her starring role as detective Harlee Santos on the crime drama series, Shades of Blue, to dating former Yankee legend, Alex Rodriguez, Lopez's name has been splattered across news headlines for the better half of 2017 (and we are NOT complaining). In addition to her hunky baseball beau, Jennifer continues to make music! Despite coming a long way since her Jenny From The Block Days, Lopez remains true to her roots. Her most recent single, "Ni Tu Ni Yo", featuring Gente de Zona was released ahead of her first Spanish album in over a decade and needless to say, Jenny killed it!


Considering the subject matter of this article, we feel compelled to mention something called, "The Jennifer Lopez Effect". We're not exactly sure if anyone else has coined this term, but it's definitely something worth noting. No, we're not talking about that Jennifer Lopez Effect — you know, the one where women try to make their butts looks bigger — we're talking about what happens when Lopez bestows the honor of being her boyfriend to some very lucky dude in Hollywood. Whether it's conscious or not, these guys generally go from frumpy, unkempt fixer-uppers to Grade A gentleman. Take Ben Affleck as a prime example. Before he dated Lopez, he looked like he slept in a gutter most nights.

Whether it's a proven theory or not, we're firm believers in The Jennifer Lopez Effect (despite knowing we'll never experience it ourselves). OK, time for what you all came here for. You'll find Jennifer Lopez's hottest Instagram moments below, you're welcome.

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