Jennifer Lopez Has A Sexy Doppelganger Who's As Toned As It Gets (And We're Big Fans)

Just the other day, we told you about how irresistible musician/actress Jennifer Lopez is, with the 48-year-old J-Lo making us weak in the knees thanks to a bunch of incredible pictures from her birthday a few weeks ago, as well as causing some controversy online after posting a photo of herself with some massive cleavage, causing people to wonder if she had a boob job or not?

While we're not sure about the verdict on that one, what we do know is that J-Lo has an unbelievably drop-dead gorgeous doppelganger who will make you do a double-take — OK, maybe a triple-take!

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The woman's name is Janice Garay, but goes by the Instagram name Jay From Houston, and often posts revealing pics of her killer body! No, seriously, the lady is 100 percent ripped up, displaying rock hard abs and toned muscles in places some of us didn't even know existed!

Of course, it all kind of makes sense that Garay's in such great shape, as the 28-year-old is a bodybuilder and athlete down in Houston, which explains the near-perfect physique she's got.

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And, guess what? We're not the only ones who see the insane resemblance between Jennifer Lopez and Janice Garay, because the bodybuilder was even mentioned in a Belgium magazine recently, showing off just how much she looks like Jenny from the Block.

Look, the world is a lovely place with lots of incredibly attractive people in it — both in and out. However, if we could make a personal request to whoever has the powers that be, please continue to make more women resemble J-Lo as much as Janice Garay does, because more Jennifer Lopez in our lives is never a bad thing.

Take a look at the pics for yourselves to see why Jennifer Lopez and Jay From Houston (Garay) could easily pass for long lost sisters.

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