Jennifer Lopez Reminds Us All That Her Butt Is Still Amazing In A Skin Tight Bodysuit

We can’t even tell you about how big our love affair with Jennifer Lopez is—because, honestly, we could go on for days about the 47-year-old singer and actress.

Constantly one of the sexiest women alive, “Jenny from the Block” snatched our hearts all the way back a couple of decades ago, shaking her incredible butt and showing off her curves as a musician and leaving our teenage selves feeling funny things.

Well, some 20 years later, J-Lo still has it—and her latest Instagram pics prove it.

Lopez, who has recently been rumored to be dating Drake, must have felt like she needed to flaunt her goods to remind us all that, oh, yeah, she’s still a sex symbol who has it all.

Drake, who was spotted getting a little too cozy with a porn star in Amsterdam a couple days ago, may have poked a bear in Jennifer Lopez, because, after that news hit, she figured she’d post some sexy shots.

Whether that’s what happened or not, we could always use more pics like these from Jennifer Lopez.

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