Jess Impiazzi Spills The Details Of Her 2018 Calendar (Which Is As Hot As Could Be)

There aren't many women out there who have the sex appeal that Jess Impiazzi does. The 28-year-old Brit, who is an actress, model and businesswoman, rose to fame after appearing on the MTV show Ex on the Beach across the pond, and followed up that success with roles in two films in 2017, Dangerous Game and The Tombs, making us adore her even more with each time we saw her.

Well, with the year coming to a close, Jess Impiazzi is trying to keep things really hot — which she's pretty damn good at doing — releasing a 2018 calendar that we have exclusive photos to, courtesy of our friends at Lipstick Syndication. With the calendar now available exclusively on Amazon UK, we were able to track Jess Impiazzi down to talk about what was great in 2017, what she's looking forward to in 2018 and if she had any funny encounters with fans. Thankfully, she didn't tell us to leave her alone.

Just as we did with some exclusive photos of the 2018 calendar of Lucy Pinder a few months ago, keep reading to see why the one Jess Impiazzi just released is every bit as sexy. Plus, get to know the dynamic brunette a little better, too!

FHM: So, We Know You Have A New Calendar Available, What Was Your Favorite Part About Shooting It?

Jess Impiazzi: "I knew I wanted this to be my best calendar yet, I hadn’t done any glamour shots for such a long time, so it was just great to feel sexy again."

FHM: Go Anywhere Exotic For The Shoot?

Jess Impiazzi: "Actually, no, it was all shot in London, but the location was really awesome! It’s basically a big warehouse with all the awesome backdrops and props."

FHM: What's The Sexiest Thing About Being A Model?

Jess Impiazzi: "I think, for me, it’s being able to feel amazing in your own skin. At school, I was teased for being the ugly duckling, so when I’m in front of the camera, it just feels great. Also, I love getting tweets from people who receive my calendar, so I’m thankful for the people who buy them and take the time to message me!"

FHM: Wanna Make Any Crazy Predictions About Something Wild We'll See In 2018?

Jess Impiazzi: "Hmm, that's a tough one, since the world has been so unpredictable the last few years, I dread to think what’s coming next! For myself, though, I’m hoping something great will come! I have my own fitness company, so I predict great success!"

Jess Impiazzi’s Official 2018 Calendar is available exclusively here.

All photography courtesy of James Betts // Lipstick Syndication.

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