Just A Bunch Of Jessica Alba Selfies To Kick Those Monday Blues Straight To The Curb

Look guys, it's Monday — we're not going to lie to you here, we're LF AF right now — see? we can't even be bothered to spell things out. Let's try that again! We're low-functioning as f-ck right now. That being said, it's our job to pony up and provide some damn content that will (hopefully) make our many loyal readers smile. So, we got to thinking. What sexy lady celebrity would be a nice little treat to cure these Monday blues? BOOM: Jessica Alba, more specifically, Jessica Alba's hottest Instagram selfies.

With 11.8 million followers, Jessica Alba's Instagram boasts some of the sexiest celebrity content on social media right now. Granted, she's currently pregnant, but that doesn't mean she's not one of the most stunning actresses EV-ER. To be fair, Jessica is far more than just an actress. At 36 years old, Alba has an estimated net worth of 340 million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly — 340 freakin' million! Despite having acted in films like Sin City, Fantastic Four and Into The Blue, the majority of her fortune comes from The Honest Company. Alba co-founded The Honest Company back in 2012 — it's a consumer goods company that sells baby, personal and household products. Needless to say, she has done very well herself since hitting the Hollywood circuit back in the early 90s.

You guys remember Jessica from back then right? Does the show Dark Angel ring a bell? Here's a little leather-clad Alba to refresh your memory...

If you enjoy that #Throwbackmoment than you're going to love what we've got coming up, because Jessica Alba has only gotten more attractive with age! Don't you just love when that happens? Three cheers for good genetics and a kickass health and fitness routine.

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