"Cosplay Queen" Jessica Nigri Tells Us How (And Why) The Trend Has Grown Into A Social Phenomenon

The world of cosplay might not be for everyone, but for Jessica Nigri, otherwise known as the "Cosplay Queen," it's a way of life. In fact, after first getting into the trend and attending her first San Diego Comic Con in 2009, Jessica has become one of the biggest ambassadors and most beloved cosplayers on the planet. With a whopping 2.8 million Instagram followers, it's clear she has become the real-life woman helping people all over the world live out their fantasies.

Since joining the cosplay community way back when, Jessica Nigri has seen how her love for imagination has impacted others. Making a career out of dressing up as infamous characters for brands such Ubisoft, Warner Brothers Games, and Blizzard, Jessica is also a popular voice actress and can be heard portraying Cinder Fall in RWBY and Super Sonico in Super Sonico, The Animation.


With so much success and influence in the cosplay community, Jessica has even found herself in a new show all about her, entitled Becoming Jessica Nigri, which debuts tonight, January 26, on FIRST — a streaming service from Rooster Teeth that's available on Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps. You can watch the first official trailer here.

We got the chance to talk to Jessica about what made her fall in love with cosplay in the first place, her favorite part about dressing up and how this world of fantasy has become such a social phenomenon. Keep on reading to see what she had to tell us.

FHM: Let's Start With A Simple Question: What Made Cosplay So Appealing To You And How'd You Get Into It?

Jessica Nigri: (laughs) "I had no idea what cosplay was when I started, and knew even less when I went to San Diego Comic Con in 2009 in my first costume. The real appeal came from the chance to be someone else, someone great, someone more than myself in each and every costume that I created. And, also, to just to have fun!"

FHM: Is There A Certain Part About The Fantasy Trend That You Like More Than Others?

Jessica Nigri: "My whole life I have been surrounded by Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings and those kind of things; it was an integral part of my growing up. The idea of being an eternal elf or a dragon is so aesthetically appealing."

FHM: Point Blank: Why Do You Think Cosplay Has Become So Popular Online?

Jessica Nigri: "Having video games, sci-fi and comic books become more mainstream has really helped the cosplay community grow and become more accepted in the public eye. Cosplayers are no longer just a feature at conventions. Thanks to social media, they're easily able to share content and connect with fans around the world 24/7."

FHM: Let's Be Honest, Cosplay Has To Be Every Man's Fantasy, Right?

Jessica Nigri: (laughs) "Of course, you could say that! But after all the hours I’ve put into these costumes, there is no way in hell I’d do anything in them that might get them dirty!"

Lead image via Instagram/jessicanigri, with others provided by John Jiao Photography and Saffels Photography.

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