Jessica Simpson's Still Looking As Sexy As She Did A F'in Decade Ago In

Remember all the way back to 2003 when then, 22-year-old singer Jessica Simpson was the bubbly blonde who couldn't figure out the difference between tuna and chicken? It was a time when the star was married to a former boy band member, Nick Lachey, and starring on a reality show called Newlyweds.

While that Simpson may have been the one we remember the most, even today, one look at the now 36-year-old Jessica will make you think you're back to those frosted tip and Doc Marten days, because the lady look sexy as hell!

Showing off her tight figure in a short black dress and body-hugging jeans, Jessica Simpson flaunts herself quite well—and we're not even mad about it, because she's long been one of our all-time favorites.

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