Jessie James Decker Reminds Us Why She's The Hottest NFL Wife Ever With These Sizzling Pics

So, funny, but embarrassing, story about Jessie James Decker—who's, arguably, the queen of NFL wives.

A couple years back, I was working at separate men's lifestyle magazine and got hooked up with some media passes for a concert—I'd only embarrass myself more if I told you it was Black Eyed Peas (damnit, I just did!).

After the show, I had free booze with a some of the musicians and got so hammered that, the next thing I knew, I was stranded at some random condo complex in downtown Nashville. Turns out, it was Jessie James Decker's.

Having a mutual friend between us and stranded without a cab—Uber and Lyft didn't exist back then—the doorman actually let me call up to Jessie's condo to see if I could "crash on her couch." Of course, she said no, was freaked out and, the next time I ran into her, she forgave me for scaring the sh*t out of her.

Anyway, now that that's out in the open, here's something else you should know about Jessie James Decker—her Instagram account is chock-ful of hot pics, and, it just so happens, that she wanted to share them with us.

Wearing a form-fitting dress at the Billboard Music Awards the other day, Jessie James Decker, once again, showed why she's the best WAG the NFL has ever seen.

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