Guy Loses Out On Huge Cash In Wild 7-Team Parlay 'Cause Michigan Blew Its 4th Quarter Lead

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There are a lot of rumors out there about what Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh might do now that his team's season is over. A former Wolverines quarterback, Harbaugh hasn't seen great of success since returning to Ann Arbor that many predicted he would when he took the job a few years ago. Will he be canned? Will he leave for another job elsewhere, possibly, heading back to the NFL? It's something to pay close attention to.

While Jim Harbaugh is one of the most polarizing head coaches in college football, one fan isn't too happy with the way Harbaugh's Wolverines ended yesterday's Outback Bowl against the South Carolina Gamecocks — because the loss ended up costing the sports gambling fan a ton of money after a crazy 7-team parlay narrowly missed. It was the Wolverines loss that ended up being the one that ended the guy's wild chances.

The sports gambling fan bet $200 and chose seven Big Ten teams who were in a bowl game to win their contests, which, had he accurately predicted, would've paid him over $18,500! Surprisingly, entering New Years Day, the conference was undefeated at 6-0, so the dude actually had a chance to win. Well, until Jim Harbaugh's Wolverines blew it in the Outback Bowl.

Making this narrow loss even worse? How about the fact that the Michigan Wolverines were leading by 10 points entering the 4th quarter against South Carolina? Imagine being this sports gambling fan at that moment. I guarantee he was on cloud nine, thinking his early New Years gift would be a cool $18,000-plus. But, just like that, Harbaugh's team choked the lead away and ended up being the only Big Ten team to lose during bowl season.

It's depressing moments like this that serve as a reminder to me as to why sports gambling is one of the most frustrating things on the planet. I mean, sure, big ballers like Dan Bilzerian seem to get lucky and hit on their bets — like when Bilzerian won $342,150 on Floyd Mayweather to win the boxing match against Conor McGregor — but that never seems to happen to us normal guys.

Oh well, hope the aforementioned sports gambling fan just threw back a couple drinks to help erase the pain of missing out on the big payday. But, let's face it, even that probably didn't help.

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