Jimmy Kimmel Gets Roasted As Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Him On His 50th Birthday

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I'm not going to beat around the bush here — and I know plenty of you will disagree — but I'm a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel. I know, I know, anytime I, or anyone else here at FHM writes about the late-night TV host, we often get some serious pushback from readers, pointing out that Kimmel isn't as funny as he thinks he is. But, as someone whose sort of tracked his career from his days as "Jimmy The Sports Guy" on the Kevin and Bean radio morning show on KROQ-FM, I've got nothing but respect for the guy. Plus, he went from The Man Show to a late-night host, so it gives a dude like myself some future career hope... maybe?

Anyway, forget what your personal opinion about Jimmy Kimmel is, because one of his most famous and successful bits on his show is "Mean Tweets," where he gets celebrities to read outrageous things that people have said about them on Twitter. It's awkward. It's fun. It's entertaining. And, the best part is, we've seen everyone from U.S. Presidents like Barack Obama to Academy Award-winning actors do it on Kimmel's show.

Well, the tables seemed to turn last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with celebrities not reading "Mean Tweets" about themselves, but, instead, seeing what the general public had to say about Jimmy Kimmel himself. As I stated above — that whole hatred thing that most of you guys have for Kimmel — none of these tweets will probably surprise most of you.

Damn, guys, Kimmel got torched. Celebs like Ray Romano, David Letterman, Halle Berry and Jon Stewart, among others, read some straight-up burns about the guy. That said, Jimmy took it in stride and seemed to find them pretty amusing.

Adding to the 50th birthday festivities for Jimmy Kimmel was George Clooney, too, who hilariously gave the "Jimmy Kimmel Story," which included family photos of when the late-night host was younger. Check it out below.

Look, I know not everyone enjoys the sh-t Jimmy Kimmel does, but this is pretty funny stuff — especially since he was a good sport about it on his own TV show! Plus, it just goes to show how many celebs respect the dude, jabbing him like a younger brother or good buddy would.


Lead image via YouTube.

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