Jimmy Kimmel's Paycheck For Hosting Last Year's Oscars Was Way Less Than You Might Think

Image via YouTube

The Academy Awards have come and gone, but the memories will, no doubt, last forever—thanks, Warren Beatty. While most people will remember Beatty's incredible flop while revealing the year's "Best Picture," there were some solid jokes from first-time host Jimmy Kimmel, too.

And, believe it or not, snagging a comedian of Kimmel's stature doesn't actually cost the Academy what you might think.

Kimmel, who has hosted his late-night show Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! since 2003, commands an annual salary of about $14 million. But, for Hollywood's biggest night, he was making only $15,000, per Hollywood Reporter, which, in hindsight, isn't all that much given the scrutiny that comes with the opportunity.

Sure, 15 grand to stand up on stage in front of A-list celebs and crack jokes might sound great, but, for comparison's sake, that little red carpet that those famous people walk down to get into the event has a reported price tag of nearly $25,000! Talk about wasting money, right?

The good news is that hosts, generally, understand that hosting the Oscars is all about the experience, not just the paycheck—or so said Alec Baldwin.

“They don’t pay you any money; the Oscars pay you like chicken feed,” Alec Baldwin, who hosted in 2010, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Problem is, Jimmy Kimmel had to deal with, arguably, the biggest blunder in the show's history during the most acclaimed award, "Best Picture," with him capable of pulling a rabbit out of his ass to make the best of the situation by saying this:

"This is very unfortunate what happened. Personally, I blame Steve Harvey for this. I would like to see you get an Oscar anyway. Why can’t we just give out a whole bunch of them?"

Saving the show with that joke should give Jimmy Kimmel a raise, in our opinion.


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