Joanna Krupa Slipped Off Her Top And Performed A Personalized, Hip-Shaking Dance For Us

How in the hell can Joanna Krupa still be one of the sexiest ladies on the face of the earth? It's like she sold her soul to the devil or something, because the 37-year-old stunner just continues to blow our minds with nearly every single one of her Instagram posts.

Oh, and just when we've seen it all from Joanna—which has included a fully naked video of her doing the Mannequin Challenge, among other things—the blonde beauty stripped off some clothing once again, performing a booty and hip-shaking dance to tease us all with.

No, this isn't Joanna baring it all for us, but, let's be honest, just look at her and tell us your jaw's not on the floor right now! How does a woman nearing her 40s look as sexy as she does? We'll never know.

Look, as long as she continues to amaze us, we'll be really happy, so here's to Joanna Krupa, who will remain one of the sexiest women on the planet until the day we die.

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