'What's Your Biggest Weakness?' Job Hunters Reveal Their Answers (And They Could Use Some Work)

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No matter how much of a sure thing you think you are, no one enjoys interviewing for a job. Sitting in front of a stranger for 30-45 minutes and talking about both your professional and personal interests can be tough, which is why it's never fun to do.

One of the most daunting questions is always, "What's your biggest weakness?' which is supposed to take you off any high horse you might think you're on and make you reveal a few things you should probably work on, whether that be communication, playing nice with others or not stealing co-workers' lunches—OK, leave that one out.

Since the people of Reddit hardly ever disappoint, here are a few ways that job hunters said they often reply to that very question, and, yeah, they may want to work on these if they really want a job.

  • "Uhm I don't have any." I think I was visibly distraught.

  • Remain silent, and pull an index card out of your pocket that says "I over-prepare."

  • I had one laugh with the response, "my biggest weakness is not fully knowing my weaknesses all the time."

  • Saying something behavioral based like "I don't work well with people" or "I'm soft spoken" is like shooting yourself.

  • "I haven't followed through on any of the death threats I've sent out, but I'm planning on making good this coming month."

  • Those eyes of yours." Boom. Hired.

  • I had a man answer with "women," then proceed to tell me he got caught cheating by his wife. That was not the right answer.

  • My biggest strength is my biggest weakness.

  • My biggest weakness is that I have too many strengths. My biggest strength is how humble I am.

  • Drugs, hookers and making jokes at inappropriate times.

I'm not saying I'm perfect—far from it—but, come the hell on, these people can't possibly think that any of these would help land them the job they were looking for!

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