11 Low-Skilled Jobs That Actually Pay More Than Yours

The journey to being a well-rounded adult who's not broke, has their s--t together, and has paid off all their student loans is long and hard — so it's no surprise that many guys are looking for jobs that don't require a degree. Skipping the whole college thing will not only buy you four years you can apply to actually making money, you can also skip over the whole, you know, "being in debt up to your eyeballs" part of the American dream. And surprisingly, there are tons of career paths available that don't require a Bachelor's or even an Associate's. And because of their reputation of being "crappy" jobs, they're usually always hiring.

Sure your parents probably think sitting at a desk all day, wearing a tie, and looking important is what "success" looks like, but the average office worker is only making between $35,000 to $60,000 annually. When you factor in living expenses (you know — rent, cell phone bill, booze) the salaries are just not enough. That's why you'll probably spit out your drink when we tell you the managers at In-N-Out burger chain are racking up $120,000 a year. Really! Those meat pattie flippers everyone loves to look down on make more than the average lawyer — and they get free food to boot! If we had known this our freshman year in college, we definitely would have dropped out of school, quit our jobs, and worked our way up through the In-N-Out career ladder.

And there are other jobs out there you probably had no idea paid so well — in fact, many of these low-skilled jobs probably pay more than the one you have now. But before you get angry, just know that it's never too late for a career change.

Check out the gallery below to see high-paying jobs that require no degree and no experience.