This Picture Of A Little Girl Trying Pizza For The First Time Is All Of Us

Image via Twitter/jodyavirgan

We came across this quote awhile back that read, "People disappoint, pizza is eternal". Now, it may seem a little extreme to describe crust, cheese and sauce as a religious experience, but, man, we'll be damned if that isn't exactly what pizza is — a religious freakin' experience!

Just lost your job? Eat some pizza. Girlfriend cheating on you? Eat some pizza. Can't afford to eat a "real" meal? Order some pizza. Pizza is the penicillin of food, people, point blank. This fact has never been made more apparent then when 30for30 and FiveThirtyEight podcaster Jody Avirgan shared a picture on Twitter of his daughter trying pizza for the first time.

You know those documentaries about uber-religious folk being moved to tears by the spirit of Jesus? Well, his daughter shared a similar expression that — except far less creepy and far more meme-worthy.

The tweet has since gone completely viral, amassing 255,000 likes and nearly 60,000 retweets. The best part? Unlike 99% of the viral material on Twitter, the comment section is so pure. It includes people laughing, cracking jokes and sharing stories about their own children.

As New Yorkers, we also sincerely appreciate Jody's follow-up tweet regarding the authenticity of Chicago pizza — you know, being that there's no such thing as authentic Chicago pizza:

Fellow tweeters have pointed out that while pizza is amazing, they can't wait to see when Jody's daughter tries bacon for the first time. Because, let's be real, the only thing more beautiful than pizza is bacon.

Moral of the story: next time you eat pizza, don't be afraid to throw your hands in the air with praise. There are so few things in life that will make you that happy — that don't involve alcohol, anyway. Embrace your inner-child, y'all.

Lead Image via Twitter/jodyavirgan

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