Sixers' Joel Embiid's Freakish Hands Devour The Two Baseballs He Caught At MLB's Home Run Derby

Image via Instagram

While the Philadelphia 76ers might still be working at becoming good, the team's seven-foot big man, Joel Embiid, is about as close to a Hall of Famer when it comes to social media as any athlete or entertainer out there.

And tonight, during the MLB Home Run Derby in Miami, the man known as "The Process" flashed some more wittiness for all of us to see.

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That's because Embiid, who was sitting in the cheap seats out in the outfield where baseballs were landing nonstop, didn't just snag one ball, but he actually left the stadium with two, tweeting out these photos as proof — and look how his massive hands absolutely devour both of them!

Well, holy sh-t, Joel Embiid, you make those baseballs look like a ping pong ball to us normal humans, with him nearly wrapping his whole hand around the thing with ease.

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Of course, Joel Embiid is seven-feet tall, so it's expected that he would have extremely inhumanly large hands and feet, but this just looks ridiculous. Honestly, the guy would stand zero chance trying to throw the thing over the plate unless he did so by tossing it with his fingertips! Actually, someone, anyone, can we please sign him up to throw out a first pitch just to see that!?!

Known for his cleverness and, of course, thirst on celebs like Rihanna, Embiid knows how to win the Internet anytime he posts something... and this is just the latest example of that.

Hey, maybe he should've tagged RiRi or one of his other favorite gals in these tweets to show those ladies some of his, uh, freakish limbs and appendages? Yeah, something tells us that would have actually worked for him.

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