John Cena Deadlifts 600 Pounds To Celebrate His 40th Birthday, So, Do You Even Lift, Bro?

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There are probably people out there who have had better years than WWE wrestler and budding actor John Cena, but, given all that he's done in 2017 already, it's hard for us to find anyone.

From seeing said acting career continue to take off, recently proposing to longtime girlfriend and fellow wrestler Nikki Bella—at WrestleMania, nonetheless—and then finding himself among the top-3 highest-paid wrestlers in WWE, Cena has been riding high for quite some time.

And the guy, who celebrated his 40th birthday on April 23rd, showed in a Twitter post that he's going to be even stronger as he welcomes in a new decade—almost quite literally, too—because Cena just deadlifted 602 pounds to ring in his 40's, and it's pretty F'in incredible to see.

OK, so for a guy who is as jacked up as John Cena is, this probably shouldn't be too surprising to see. That said, the dude's showing some inhuman strength during a time when most people's bodies are ready to decline. I guess that just means the guy really isn't human.

While this is impressive as all hell, Cena can only hope that he can continue to do such mind-blowing things, because, let's not forget, fellow wrestling legend Ric Flair did something similar a few months ago, deadlifting 400 pounds at 67 years old.

So, sorry to burst your bubble here, Johnny Boy, but talk to us in 27 years to let us know if you're still an absolute beast in the weight room. Something tells us he still will be.

As for all those dudes who feel it necessary to yell as loud as they can while deadlifting a mere 200 pounds at the gym, just stop, because it only looks foolish after seeing John Cena take down three times that weight.

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