Mugshot Of A Joker Look-Alike Who Waved A Gun In The Face Of Cops Will Haunt Your Dreams

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Now, I don't care who you are, but if there's one thing that's universally terrifying, it's clowns. Seriously, in my personal opinion, I can't trust a grown man who wears a big, painted smile on his face, only wondering what's really going on deep down inside his brain.

Remember when, several months ago, we told you about those clown posses who were going around threatening people? Even though it didn't happen in my neck of the woods, I was still absolutely crapping my pants, wondering how someone could be so damn sick.

It was as if some of these people were seeking out a made-for-TV crime documentary about them.


Anyway, just when you thought people couldn't be crazier than they are, we have this jackass named Lawrence Sullivan, a 29-year-old, Joker look-alike who would make Batman shake in his boots. Arrested in Miami earlier this week, Sullivan was seen waving a gun in the faces of cops, ultimately charged with carrying a concealed firearm. Oh, as for his mugshot, take a look at this guy for yourself. Yep, Lawrence Sullivan actually has the words "Joker" on his forehead, conveniently sitting next to some ink of the Batman symbol. He's also got green hair—which matches that of the Joker from the comic book and movie villain—and, naturally, cuts are on each side of his mouth. Why so serious??


Making this even wilder is the affidavit on his arrest, with Sullivan saying this, according to cops, per IB Times:

"I have a gun in my pocket" but "don’t have a permit ’cause it’s expensive."

"The gun's in my name, it's not a dirty gun. Why they gonna charge me with a felony?" Sullivan said, showing no guilt for carrying a gun without a permit as he added: "F--- the permit. We live in America."

Patrick Sullivan is currently being held at Turner Guilford Knight correctional center with a $5,000 bond.

IB Times

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