UFC Fighter Jon Jones Opens Up About Using Cocaine Prior To Title Fights In Tell-All Interview

Image via Instagram

In a shocking revelation, UFC fighter Jon Jones, in an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report, opened up about his cocaine use, even going as far as admitting that he used to snort the stuff prior to some of his fights.

Jones, whose had his fair share of ups and downs because of the little white powder, tested positive for coke before his scheduled UFC 182 bout with Daniel Cormier in 2015, which also led to a $25,000 fine, which also led him to rehab as well.

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However, that hasn't stopped the fighter from joking about the drug, with Jones even saying during a UFC press conference back in May that he beat Cormier in January 2015 "after a weekend of cocaine," which, as you might expect, caught more than just a few people by surprise. The two are scheduled to brawl on July 29 at UFC 214.

As for the Bleacher Report article, well, let's just say Jon Jones doesn't hold a damn thing back, with sensitive topics like a 2015 hit-and-run accident with a pregnant woman being mentioned, along with his year-long suspension from the UFC for what he now calls a "dick pill," via Complex.

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Rather than show a bit more empathy towards the impact cocaine has had on both his life and career, here's what Jones had to say about the effect cocaine has had on him — and it's rather disturbing, to be honest.

Via Bleacher Report:

"As far as me doing coke before a fight, that’s not me trying to be a bad guy," Jones said while explaining why he copped to using cocaine during his press conference in May. "That’s me frickin’ doing a bump—you know, at a party. The truth of the matter is, you’d be surprised how many people have done coke. I’ve been around some of the greatest athletes in the country. Athletes with a lot bigger names than me do coke. But people don’t talk about it. I just like to have a good time, man. If you can afford to smoke a little weed, and do a little coke, and still win world titles, who’s to tell you you can’t? I understand these things are illegal. And once you get caught doing it, it’s humiliating. But at the same time, I’m not an addict or anything like that. You don’t see me walking around weighing fucking 100 pounds with my teeth rotting out and scabs all over my face.

While Jon Jones should (maybe?) be commended for being so open and honest about his drug use, it's a bit surprising to see him reveal such dark secrets to a major publication just a couple of weeks away from the biggest fight in his career — the rematch with Daniel Cormier.

Hearing Jones say he used coke because, "I just like to have a good time, man," probably isn't something he should admit — so I'd imagine the UFC will be testing his ass a hell of a lot prior to him stepping into the Octagon against Cormier.


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