The Amount Of Cash Jose Calderon Got Paid By The Warriors To Play ZERO Minutes Is Just Silly

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Life as a pro athlete is pretty good, we all know that. Life as Jose Calderon, though, well, it's right up there with first-class—and, no, I'm seriously not joking.

While other NBA players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and others enjoy the fortune, fame and success that will undoubtedly lead to a Hall of Fame induction down the road, Calderon—a 25-year-old, seldom used, backup point guard with 12 years of NBA experience—just earned himself a payday that might even make James and Durant jealous.


That's because, thanks to a little twist of luck, the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors paid Jose Calderon an insane $415,000 this season... and he didn't even play a F'in minute for them!

This is where your head should explode from rage.

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Here's how it all went down.

Back in March, the Los Angeles Lakers released Calderon, making him a free agent and capable of signing with any team interested. That team just so happened to be the Warriors, who were looking for some insurance for the bench.

Well, fast-forward a couple hours, and, after Kevin Durant suffered a potentially serious knee injury, Golden State rethought the decision to go with a small point guard, and instead figured they'd go after a taller player who can help, so they opted to sign Matt Barnes.

Of course, this all went down within a two-hour period in which Calderon, again, never played a single minute for the Warriors, with his career lasting a total of two hours.

Anyone else jealous?

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To be precise, for his "time" with the Warriors, Jose Calderon cost the team $207,500 per hour!

And, while Calderon never actually suited up for the team because of his quick sign-and-release to make room for Barnes, somewhere, there's a Calderon Warriors jersey floating around, because this pic was snapped in the visitor's locker room the night this all went down.

Oh, and as if life couldn't be any better for Calderon, since the Warriors won the NBA title and he was technically part of the team at one point during the season—albeit short-lived—he's eligible for a championship ring.

You know that old saying, "some guys just have all the luck"? Well, in Jose Calderon's case, it's so friggin' true.

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