Julie Stewart-Binks Tells Us How To Be Cool While Watching Sports With A Woman

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Many of you might recognize the gorgeous sideline reporter, anchor and studio host Julie Stewart-Binks from her time at places like ESPN, FOX Sports and the CBC. If not, well, let's just say you will, because the 30-year-old blonde is a rising star in the sports media industry and is on the cusp of becoming a household name.

Given her knowledge of sports—seriously, she's surrounded by them 24/7—we figured the best thing to do was to pick her brain and see how a guy can properly handle himself while watching sports with a woman.

After covering the Women's World Cup in 2015 and a bunch of NHL games, among other events, who better than Julie to give advice to help us dudes out? Luckily, she was open to the idea—and here's what she said.

Remember, this is the same lady who survived a lap dance from Rob Gronkowski, so you know she can handle nearly anything.


FHM: OK, We're Watching The World Cup Together, What's The ONE Thing You Don't Want Us Doing?

Julie Stewart-Binks: "Don’t try to mansplain the game to me, and under no circumstances tell me soccer is boring."

If A Guy Pays More Attention To His Phone Than The Game, Is That A Red Flag?

"No one has an attention span anymore, so I don’t consider it a red-flag per se, just I know we aren’t really on the same page following the game, so it makes it a more individual experience. More fun when both people are into and watching every play."

What If You Can Name More Players On The Pitch Than He Can? Bad Look?

"Bad look for who? I work in sports and live and breathe them. There’s a strong possibility I know more about sports than he does, and the great thing about that is that’s okay!"

"It would be a 1940s mentality if we just assume men always know more about sports than women, right? I think it highlights confidence and security when a dude doesn’t have to battle me on sports knowledge."

What's Your Go-To Food While Watching Sports?

"Love wings, nachos, veggies and dip."

Yelling At The TV: Sexy Or Sorry?

"Depends on the play. If it’s an amazing shot, pass, goal, touchdown, or ridiculous call by the referee, it’s warranted. If you’re yelling all the time, it’s annoying."

Can Going To A Ballgame A Good First Date Choice?

"Definitely. It’s a great environment to get to know someone, but also not have pressure to talk and 'interview' one another the entire time. You can just enjoy the game, and weave in questions to one another throughout. If it’s a playoff game, I would steer against it, because the focus would—and should—be 100 percent on the game."

What's The Golden Rule When It Comes To Watching Sports With A Woman?

"Don’t try to explain what’s happening, don’t talk down to a woman about sports, don’t assume she doesn’t know what’s going on. Women make up more than half of the viewership for many different sports. Treat her as an equal. If she has a question about something, she’ll ask if she trusts you not to go full aggressive nerd on her."

And, Lastly, Is Tucking In A Jersey Ever A Good Move?

"Only if you’re Wayne Gretzky."

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