KFC Heiress Kaila Methven Reveals The Sexy Things To Buy Your Lady For The Holidays

While we know famous heiress' like Paris Hilton, another one who you should introduce yourselves to is a gal by the name of Kaila Methven, who's the sexy millionaire heiress to the Kentucky Fried Chicken fortune. Chicken? Sexiness? Awesome!

But don't think that all Kaila Methven is doing is sitting around, counting her money and just being some degenerate. Hell no, guys, 'cause this woman's trying to fully plant herself in the middle of the sexiest lingerie discussion, as she's the founder of her own lingerie line, Madame Methven, which has been featured on numerous runways and in magazines all over the globe.

Graduating from distinguished fashion schools like the Parisian fashion institute Esmod and the International Fashion Academy Paris, Kaila Methven not only has a sense of what good fashion looks like, but she damn sure knows how lingerie should look and feel, too! That's why we reached out to Madame Methven to tell us what types of lingerie guys should buy for their ladies as holiday gifts this year — and she didn't hold back on her suggestions.

FHM: You're A Lingerie Designer, So What's A Pro Tip For A Guy To Buy Some For His Lady?

Kaila Methven: "Always buy extra-small sizes so her boobs look bigger, and extra-small sizes for her waist, so her waist looks slimmer. You never wrap lingerie in a box with tissue paper, always hold it in your hands with a bottle of wine or just have it laying on the bed waiting for her when she comes home."

FHM: The Sexier The Better, Right?

Kaila Methven: "In Madame Methven’s case, yes!"

FHM: Is It Important To Go Holiday-Themed Lingerie (Like, All Santa's Little Helper) During The Holidays?

Kaila Methven: "It depends if you’re into role play in a relationship. But, if the relationship is new, I suggest something softer and more romantic, but, yes, role play is always good. I know that my closet is always full of gadgets and toys for all the holidays."

FHM: Let's Say She's Been Naughty This Year (But In The Best Way), Any Tips On What To Give Her For The Holidays?

Kaila Methven: "I would always suggest renting out a hotel suite and gifting her the Madame Methven dominatrix. A little BDSM for the holidays can't do any harm to anyone!"

FHM: Would You Rather: Get Wild With Your Partner All Cozied Up Around The Fire Or Out In The Snow?

Kaila Methven: "Fire for sure! Fire leads to romance, which leads to sex. I can't tell you how many times I’ve had sex by a fire place."

All images, including lead image, via Mikhail Goldenberg.

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