Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Legs For Days In A Tight Black Body Suit

If you're not following Kate Beckinsale on Instagram we highly recommend that you go ahead and hop to it! It's not an every day occurrence, but on the best and rarest of occasions, she'll post a drop-dead sexy picture that leaves our hearts swelling and heads spinning.

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Fortunately for you guys, today was one of those days! And can we just say, we are THRILLED. It's not the most revealing shot, but as we've said before, Gents, sometimes less is more and that's most definitely the case when it comes to Ms. Beckinsale.

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She shows off her sleek, long legs in a tight, curve-hugging body suit and frankly, that's enough for us! You could show us a picture of Kate in a Michelin Man costume and we'd probably still get a little hot from it—she's just that stunning. Yes, we realize that was a weird example, but we really wanted to hone in on the concept that when it comes to sex appeal, few can compete with KB. I mean just the other day, Pearl Harbor was on HBO and I actually watched it start to finish, JUST because she's in it. In fact, that's the only reason to watch that movie. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good war movie, but PH is just so sad, that without Beckinsale, hell, I'd be crying the whole time.

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Turns out, not only has she aged flawlessly (still looking twenty-something) her dating life mirrors that. Cougar alert, for real! Her current boyfriend, Matt Rife, is a whopping TWENTY-ONE-YEARS-OLD. He's actually half her age, to be fair. All you youngins out there, you've got a chance!

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