Kate Beckinsale's Hottest Instagram Moments Of 2017 Are A Joy To Look At

We hate to play favorites here at FHM, but, that being said we can't deny that 44-year-old Kate Beckinsale is by far one of the sexiest ladies in Hollywood. Hell, she's one of the sexiest ladies on the planet. While Kate has always been quite the stunner, we've gotta admit that she's looked absolutely phenomenal in 2017. No, guys, we're serious — 2017 was most definitely her year and we thought it was time to pay our respects to the queen herself. What do you think? Are Kate Beckinsale's hottest moments something y'all would be interested in? If so, let's keep this thing going. If not, we suggest seeking medical attention immediately, because clearly, something is wrong with you!

To be honest, we haven't seen much of Kate on the big screen as of late. Granted, she did star in the Marc Webb production of, The Only Living Boy in New York back in August, but given the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, we had to steer clear. We love us some Kate Beckinsale, and because of that, we'll stick to movies we know she kills it in — like Van Helsing or Underworld. Who knows though, maybe we'll give it a shot and end up loving it! Kate having a leading role already makes it worth our while, right?

Then again, we're not really here to focus on her acting career today. We're here to discuss just how effortlessly she's aged. Between Kate Beckinsale and Elizabeth Hurley, we might just have to declare British women the crème de la crème — ha! Who are we kidding? We love all women! Let's just say we've got a special soft spot for a select few and Kate Beckinsale is 100& one of them.

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