Kate Beckinsale's Stunning Photoshoot With Glass Magazine Has Our Heart's A Racin'

Kate Beckinsale is without a doubt the most beautiful woman on the planet. Yes, you're right — we do say that about a lot of women, but, hey! What can we say? When we see something shiny and new in front of us, we forget about everything else. It's most likely why we're single.

Anyway, Kate Beckinsale's Instagram, yes — back to the subject at hand. So, Beckinsale went ahead and shared an image from her most recent photoshoot with Glass Magazine looking like an absolute stone cold fox. We then began to browse the internet for more Beckinsale images from the same shoot and boy! Were we NOT disappointed.

Go ahead and take a look at what we found! Be sure to stay tuned for the gallery at the end, it'll have even more pics to drool over!





A true beauty for the ages, friends! No one quite like Kate, that's for sure! As promised, there's a gallery below featuring some of Beckinsale's sexier red carpet moments. Hey, don't say we never gave y'all anything.

Image Via Getty

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