Yes, Kate Beckinsale's Instagram Is Still Leaving Us Speechless

Kate Beckinsale is apparently 43-years-old, but all evidence points to the contrary as the British beauty absolutely stuns in new Instagram bikini pictures. Seriously? Are you sure her birthday isn't listed incorrectly on Wikipedia? Not that 43 is old by any stretch of the imagination, but we had to do a double-take, or five, because in all fairness she looks half her age. Not to mention, completely natural! People have speculated plastic surgery early on in her career, but we call bull (as we often do in the face of such petty rumors).

Starring in films like Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing, Click, The Aviator, and Underworld: Blood Wars, Beckinsale has been a Hollywood starlet-staple since the early 90s. She has proven that from Action to Drama to Romantic Comedy, there isn't a single genre she can't pull off effortlessly. Subsequently, the same stands for anything she wears, swimwear included.

Kate captioned one of her newest pictures, "Happy oh Happy" and we've gotta say, we share in that sentiment! With the spring weather getting warmer and warmer, we have beach season on the brain and what better way to open than with the gorgeous Beckinsale? Take a look for yourselves, you will not be disappointed! Beckinsale joins in the ranks of celebs like Halle Berry, Kate Hudson and Brooke Burke as beautiful women of Hollywood who just seem to get better and sexier with age.

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