Kate Upton Has Been Posting Straight Fire To Instagram Lately (So, Of Course, We Had To Share)

It's safe to say that no matter how much you love your job, a little Kate Upton hot Instagram action is bound to make your day a thousand times better. Hell, it might just improve the quality of your overall health. Why? Well, that's easy! Kate Upton is easily one of the sexiest ladies on the planet, no contest. Problem is, Kate isn't all that active on Instagram — at least not when it comes to selfies. Fortunately, that's changed in the past few weeks, and of course, we're going to share with you guys. C'mon what are friends for?

If you already happen to be one of Upton's 5.3 million Instagram followers, congratulations! You're about to get yet another opportunity to fawn over her overwhelming beauty. If you don't follow Kate Upton's Instagram, may we just ask — what the hell are you thinking, man?! Here at FHM, we don't believe in making senseless life decisions and NOT following Upton is definitely one of them. We'll go ahead and let it slide this time, you know, since we already pulled the hot pictures for you. No need to go anywhere else. You're welcome.

Moving on, in addition to being effortlessly striking, it's been a big year for Miss Upton. We hate to break all those lonely hearts out there, but just last month Kate tied the knot with Houston Astros' pitcher and World Series champ, Justin Verlander. Some dudes just have all the good luck, huh? That's OK, we suppose if she had to get married, he's a decent enough dude to do it with. She actually just shared a bunch of wedding pictures yesterday, but, too soon, you know? We're going to try and hold on to the dream a little longer.

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