Kate Upton Performing '...Baby One More Time' Is Even Better Than Britney's Original Video

Image Via Spike

We think the only woman on earth who could make the "...Baby One More Time" video better than Britney Spears did, is Kate Upton and boy oh boy, did she do just that!

Now now, we're not suggesting that Spears is any less talented than Upton, it's just that Britney was only 16-years-old at the time of that video's release and while it was totally OK for us to discuss how attractive she was then — when, we too, we're 16 — it just feels a little creepy now. Hence Upton taking it to a whole new adult level of appropriate for us to rock out to.

The video below is a teaser from an episode of Spike TV's, Lip Sync Battle, with LL Cool J and the lovely, Chrissy Teigen — which has since aired on Thursday, April 20, 2017.


See what we mean? Just as awesome as Britney's right? Well, you know, now that we've started to think about it, we don't really know if we can say which is definitively better. It's all relative to age. Here's a little snippet of the original for good measure. No survey can possibly be accurate without proper representation of both videos.

Alright, guys, this decision is just too hard. We're going to have to rule this thing a tie! Britney and Kate both do those pigtails and school girl skirts some serious justice. In fact, does anyone know if it's possible to get a collaboration going with these two? We'll start a GoFundMe if we have to. Do some recon, gentleman. We have faith in you! Let's make this dream a reality.

Lead Image Via YouTube

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