Katy Perry Loves To Kiss And Tell As She Ranks Her Former Lovers During An Interview

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The plus side to sleeping with Katy Perry is well, YOU'RE SLEEPING WITH KATY F'IN PERRY. The downside? The intimate details of your bedroom romp aren't likely to stay between the two of you. In fact, multiply the two of you by the entire internet and that about sums up the stunt Perry pulled this past Sunday.

According to CNN the reason Katy has been spilling all her secrets is actually pretty darn cool—"Perry is doing a "Big Brother"-style live stream titled "Witness World Wide" where fans can watch her live in a house for 96-hours. The singer has done a series of interviews in recent days, including one with Late Late Show host James Corden that involved a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which they either had to tell secrets or consume something disgusting."

If you guys don't feel like watching it all, go ahead and skip to 2:34, that's when she starts discussing her ex-boyfriends and where they fall in line as far as pleasing Ms. Perry! Take a look—


Personally speaking, I don't think any of these men should be offended! I mean, the top 3 is a pretty legit place to be on a woman's "list".

Although, Corden did only ask her to rank those men, not her best ever. Who even knows what THAT list would look like! I refuse to believe John Mayer would continue to take the number one spot. The man sings Your Body Is A Wonderland—doesn't exactly scream, "I'm a savage in the sack." Perhaps he's a gentle lover and Perry is in to that. No judgement, girl! Whatever gets you to The Big O.

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The livestream is actually still going on, I just checked! You can watch Katy Perry sleeping right now, if you'd like. Click HERE

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