Katy Perry Plays A Very Revealing Game Of 'Would You Rather' And It's Uh-Mazing

There are so many amazing (read: UH-MAZING) aspects to this video that I don't really know where to begin. For once, I think I'll just let you guys watch the beauty that is Katy Perry before making my commentary.



First of all, can we take a minute to acknowledge how f'in funny it is that Ellen DeGeneres who had Perry ON the show for the SOLE PURPOSE of giving her wedding presents FORGOT she was ever married to Russel Brand. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but that didn't come across as planned. DeGeneres seemed dead-ass serious about forgetting! Poor Russel.

Secondly, is Katy on drugs? Did she mainline coffee before the interview? Her energy is off the charts! I don't find it Courtney Love-cringe worthy though! I actually thought it was adorable. She seemed genuinely enthused to play the game (particularly when it came to Leo DiCaprio). Also, it was great that she actually ANSWERED the questions.

So many celebrities just sit their awkwardly during interviews and never really give us anything interesting—Katy definitely didn't do that! I finished that video knowing A LOT more about the beloved (and damn sexy) pop star.

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