Keeley Hazell Is Back... In A Video So Hot It'll Burn Your Eyeballs

When Keeley Hazell left Britain for a life in Los Angeles, Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, Cristiano Ronaldo was the Premiership’s top scorer and The Ting Tings were number one in the charts.

A lot has changed since then. But one thing that hasn’t is our enduring love for the ultimate FHM pin-up.

So when we asked Keeley, 27 years old and now living in LA, to be the first star in a new series of life-changing videos of all your favourite ladies – and she said yes – we were understandably very, very happy.

Through FHM Sexy Shorts, we’ll be bringing you the hottest short films of the hottest girls.

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos soon but, for now, enjoy the amazingness that is Keeley Hazell.

WORDS: Dan Jude. Follow him on Twitter here.

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