6 Ways To Stay Cool When Things Heat Up In Bed

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Ah, sweet Summer, such a beautiful time for budding romance. Only problem is when a dastardly heat wave hits, what are two lovers to do? Air conditioning can only go so far and frankly, it's a luxury not everyone can afford. Say you're in the mood for some passion between the sheets but you're weighed down with the anxiety of passing out from heat stroke (not the ideal stroking scenario in any bedroom romp). Well, don't fret my frisky friends, we've got just the solution for you. In fact, we have SIX of them!



Shower Satisfaction

Frankly speaking, shower sex is generally a lot hotter in the movies than it is in real life. In fact, it's actually quite dangerous when you think about it. That being said, a light, cool shower tryst on a hot Summer's day would prove very refreshing and definitely work trying when times get tough.

Hard Surface Hump

Sheets trap heat and sweat. It's really that simple. Eliminate the cotton or silk (if you're kinky) and you've got a far better chance for some cool afternoon delight. Hardwood, is best. Carpet is dangerous and cement, well, good luck.

Take It To The Streets

This is really dependent on just HOW hot it is outside. You have to remember that sometimes it's hotter indoors, but sometimes it's miserable both in and out of the house. Permitting there's a nice breeze and a shady tree you don't mind doing the dirty under, this is a totally viable option.

Slow Motion

Pretty obvious stuff here, but basically the slower you move, the less sweat you'll accumulate. Jack Rabbit style is not your friend here, people. Think tortoise-like strokes.

Ice Cube (No, Not The Rapper)

Sorry for even mentioning Ice Cube the entertainer. If anything, he's the real mood-killer here. Actual ice cubes can be very effective in the bedroom for not only staying cool, but for enhancing pleasure. The sensation of warm skin and cold ice can be a real treat for most.

Well, It's Just Sweat

Lastly, you can suck it up and embrace the situation. Really, it's just sweat! Sure, you may get a little light-headed and perhaps even faint, but that sure makes for one hell of a story, no?

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