Former Playmate Of The Year Kennedy Summers On The Horrid Things To Avoid Doing On A First Date

When a woman like Kennedy Summers stares at you, it's safe to say that you get a little bit nervous. After all, the former Playmate of the Year from 2014 is a 5'8" stunner, capable of making an entire room go silent and just drool as she walks in. With an affect like that, it's only natural for us to want to pick the brain of the 30-year-old Kennedy Summers, wondering what first date advice she could offer up to help men everywhere be more successful.

Thanks to our friends over at AskMen, Kennedy Summers did just that, describing the things that no man should do when it comes to wooing a first date and trying to win her over. And, as we all know, you only get one shot at a first impression, so the more first date advice we can get, the better!

Show Up Late: "I’m probably going to be fifteen minutes late, but if you’re late, I’m going to think it’s rude. Double standards? Definitely, but a gentleman is always on time."

Drugs: "This one is self-explanatory, yet still deserves a mention. In case you were thinking otherwise, yes, I can tell.

Compare To Ex Girlfriends: "Particularly not a fan of 'bullet points.' Also, if you tell me what a terrible, evil person she is, I’m going to be turned off because no one likes someone who plays the victim.  It’s not manly. It just says you’re not over her.

Engage In A Long Rant: "Engaging in a long rant or telling me every reason that you hate John Cusack, starting from childhood and ending twenty minutes later, in your forties, is not a good way to engage in conversation. If I wanted to listen to someone rant for twenty minutes, I’d be at the Improv, where at least the rants are funny."

Ask If Chest Is Real Or What Size Bra She Wears: "First off… obviously not. Secondly, if you can’t tell and you’re not legally blind, you’re too dumb to be here. Thirdly, who asks a woman her bra size? Why do I have to explain why this is not appropriate?"

Get Fall-Down Drunk: "Let me make this clear — I will not be carrying your large ass out of this restaurant. You will be responsible for taking yourself home later. On this same note — do not drink at dinner and then get behind the wheel of your car. I won’t be going with you, and I won’t be seeing you again. I have too many other things to worry about than whether or not my man acts like a high schooler on prom night when he drinks.

Try To Get Her Drunk: "Let’s make one thing clear: Drunk Me is even less likely to go home with you than Sober Me. Why? Because the only man that Drunk Me cares about is my dog… and you’re not him. Also, I’m not leaving him home alone to sleep over at your house, sorry."

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