You Can Hire A Personal 'Bedroom Coach' To Enhance Your Technique (Because We Could All Use That)

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I've heard of a sex therapist, but a sex coach? Yeah, no. That's a new one for me, as I'm sure it's a new one for a lot of folks out there. When I first came across this story, the headline immediately turned me off. My thought process looked a lot like this—"Here we go again, another person who's too lazy to get a real job so he just makes one up." After reading more about it, I've gotta say, expensive price tag aside, these services seem pretty legit.

With that, meet Kenneth Play (solid name choice, buddy), who according to the New York Post, charges $870 to come to your home, watch you have sex and instruct you on how to improve your technique with your partner. I'm sure you're wondering how (and why) someone gets into the sex coaching business, I know I sure was. Fortunately Kenneth does a really solid job at explaining all that, so much so, that I'm totally a believer.

"Most people get their information on sex from watching porn, but it is like watching The Fast and the Furious to teach you how to drive. What I offer is not that much different from watching Martha Stewart how to cook. I start out with a demonstration and the process is all about consent. The self professed “sex geek” said that his $1,000 private sessions, which he dubs “Play Labs”, take place in the comfort of people’s home and last up to three to four hours. Each session starts with an informal chat, where he finds out more about the couple’s sex life and what areas they wish to experiment in and develop. After this, they head to the bedroom to start the practical side of the Play Lab, where he teaches them the skills they wish to learn live."

I know, I know, it seems crazy, but it's true!! Porn is the furthest thing from a practical sex tool. If anything, it's a huge detriment to couples trying learn and better their circumstances. I'm not saying this Ken dude is a God-send, but at least he's advocating for safe, consensual sex that allows couples to explore their fantasies together in an educational environment.

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