Young Pirates Fan Drinking A Beer With Two Hot Blondes Is Living His Best Life

Image Via Deadspin

Technically speaking, the video below cuts right before the kid drinks the beer, but I think it's safe to say we all know what was about to go down. We've all been there before, that sweet, sweet moment before a nice frosty brew touches our lips at a ball game—how American.



It's not the most action packed sequence of events, but my God is it funny. I know this is the double-standard to end all double-standards, but had it been a little girl, I wouldn't have laughed or found it charming. There's just something about this little man kicking back with two pretty blondes at ball game sipping on a cold one that's so endearing. He really is enjoying the finer things in life.

The best part, it was Kid's Day! The screen reads—"SUNDAY KIDS DAY: All kids 14 & under receive a Pirates glove for tickets, visit pirates.com/kids day." Weird—nowhere does it say complimentary tall boy of Coors, but we're happy that was part of the package.

Wait, I must google where The Pirates are from—I'm not big on baseball, my apologies. Ah, Pittsburgh, PA. I don't know much about that area. Had the results of my search said Kentucky I wouldn't have been so surprised by a very obvious minor drinking a beer with his parents. No judgement, I just tend to think the deep south is synonymous with questionable parenting (reading it back, that sounded very judgmental, apologies).

I did some deep-diving on the internet and it seems no one from The Pirates or the network the game aired has commented on the little guy's drinking. Perhaps everyone just chocked it up to divine intervention as the perfect cameraman shot ever. Who knows though, maybe he had a really good fake ID.


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