Kidnapped And Handcuffed? This Is How To Escape From Handcuffs By Using A Coke Can

Image via Shutterstock

Life comes at you fast, and because it does, you may just find yourself in a predicament that you'd otherwise prefer not to be in.

Take, for instance, being handcuffed!

While you may never think that you'll be in such a dilemma, the next thing you know you'll be leaving the grocery store, a windowless van will drive by and take you, and, unfortunately, you don't have a friend as badass as Liam Neeson in Taken to come save you.

So what do you do? Well, if you're smart, you'll follow the steps in this video, which will have you escape handcuffs with a simple Coke can.


Of course, it might be difficult to convince the people who have handcuffed you to give you a Coca-Cola to quench your thirst, but you get the point, breaking free is doable.

Hopefully, no serious criminal gets hold of this video—or an aluminum can— to learn this little life hack.


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