Meet Kindly Myers, A Southern Belle And Former Soldier Who Was Made To Wear A Bikini Year-Round

Seeing as how I'm currently in Nashville, TN for the holidays visiting my parents, when I found out that Kindly Myers lives here, too, I instantly got just a little bit excited. After all, with an entire street, lower Broadway, dedicated to honky tonkin' with live music and cheap beer, there could maybe be a chance that I'd run into the blonde bombshell, right? I mean, if the stars aligned and my luck was better than ever, it could happen!

Sadly, I haven't run into Kindly Myers (yet), but I'm still holding out hope that it's in the cards before splitting town. After all, just one look at some of her hot Instagram pics and, well, it's kind of obvious why she'd be pretty fun to run into somewhere. To put it as bluntly as possible, Kindly is the type of gal that every man would sacrifice appendages for! And the former soldier — she served in the Army National Guard for four years — has a ridiculous Instagram that flaunts all of her A+ assets.


Want to know something else Kindly Myers and I have in common? We're both big-time Kentucky Wildcats hoops fans, so, honestly, this almost sounds too good to be true, right? And, while we give our hot Instagram models to follow each month, since Kindly has yet to be featured by us, I can personally guarantee that you'll be seeing her in our January collection, because the gal is all sorts of sexy.

Anyway, don't let me go on and on about why Kindly Myers is, arguably, the hottest thing of this holiday season — and beyond — 'cause I could probably brag about her all day long. Instead, just do yourself a favor and see for yourself why she's the type of woman who every man dreams of, every other lady is a bit intimidated of, and who can hold her own no matter who she's in front of. We're big fans of hers.

Lead image via jpaullphoto.

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