Real Life 'Game Of Thrones' Couple, Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Almost Broke Up After A Prank Gone Bad

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For those of you who happen to live under a rock, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are the pride and joy of the Game of Thrones fandom. How often do two actors who play lovers on-screen actually fall in love and get married?! OK — so maybe that happens a lot, but these two are by far our favorites.

Who could forget Jon and Ygritte's forbidden love — Jon, a celibate member of The Night's Watch. Ygritte, a rough and tough Wildling from Beyond The Wall. It was the greatest unrequited love story since Romeo and Juliet. Of course, as with all love stories too good to be true, Ygritte dies tragically and Jon goes on to bang his aunt.

Sorry for the spoilers, if you aren't caught up by now you should know better than to read GoT related content, friends! Anyway, Jon and Ygritte are together in real-life (d'aw) but they almost broke up after Kit Harington pulled off this epic Jon Snow-themed prank.



No offense to poor Rose Leslie, but she deserves a bit of a fright after the torment her character put Kit's through! Like, c'mon, the entire "you know nothing, Jon Snow" mantra was all Ygritte. Of course, that was entirely fiction and not an actual romance. Kit Harington explained:

"After that she was in tears. It didn't go down well. She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it, and I think that's marriage included."

Yep, sounds about right! It's all fun and games until you pretend to have a human head in the freezer. Fortunately for the lovely couple, they were able to move on from the little incident and even have a good laugh about it. Well, we're not positive Rose is laughing, but we sure are!

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