Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That'll Make You Seem Smarter Than You (Probably) Really Are

Everyone knows that the only thing worse than cleaning the bathroom, is cleaning the kitchen. It's sort of ironic if you think about it — what goes on in the kitchen is a direct cause for what goes on in the bathroom. OK, gross, moving forward, back to the topic at hand! Kitchen cleaning hacks, they're necessary evil, guys. We hate to even be writing about it, let alone having to implement it, but in order to live like a true, civilized adult, cleaning is part of the program. Here's our question though: does cleaning have to be absolutely F'in miserable or is there a way to counteract the pain by using smart, sensible strategy? Since we've already used the word hack in this article, you know the answer to that question is yes, we just wanted to set up a little more suspense.

Kitchen hacks, like any other hack, can range from really obvious to Stephen Hawking levels of brilliance — for the sake of our readers, we added a little bit of both. Remember, when it comes to adulting, it's all about working smarter, not harder!

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