Krispy Kreme And Hershey's Just Dropped The Most Fire Doughnut Of All-Time

Image Via Twitter/Food & Wine

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm not a huge doughnut person. When it comes to my foodie persuasions, I err on the side of savory. That's not to say I don't get a little cray with the sugar sometimes, because believe me, I do—it's just, I don't go actively seeking a fix. Well, get ready to scratch everything I just said because this new Krispy Kreme donut looks scrum-diddly-FREAKIN'-umptious. I'll tell ya'll all about it in a second, but before I forget, Krispy Kreme has an instagram account of 792,000 followers. How insane is that? I mean, I get it, they are fine-ass doughnut specimens, but how is it a wad of fried-dough is more popular than I am? Maybe I should consider lathering myself in glaze and seeing if I can change that, but I digress. According to Time:

"The new Reese's Peanut Butter Doughnut will emerge from fryers and land behind Krispy Kreme counters in the U.S. beginning on Friday. The doughnut doesn't skimp on either flavor: it's first filled with Reese's peanut butter cream, then dipped in chocolate icing, then sprinkled with both peanut butter chips and peanut pieces, and finally covered in both peanut butter and chocolate drizzles."

This beaut of a doughnut will only be here for a limited time (at participating stores) starting today. Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Woodward told Food & Wine — "In partnering with The Hershey Company, we're satisfying an intense desire that Krispy Kreme and Reese's fans never knew they had." Oh, you said it, Sista!

Lead image via Twitter/Food & Wine.

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