NBA Star Kristaps Porzingis Got Absolutely Swatted Away By Instagram Model He Tried Flirting With

Image via Instagram

We've told you about numerous instances when professional (and college) athletes tried their luck by coming in strong on Instagram, flooding a model or well-known person's DMs and giving them a little nudge as if to say, "Hey, girl, I've got my eye on you."

While the entire image is a little creepy the way we portrayed it—and, truth be told, it's probably harmless—when word gets out about these stars doing it, it's always a little bit of a relief for us "normal" guys, who use this as a reminder that, yep, these athletes are really just like us!

In the past, guys like Klay Thompson and, more recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been culprits of such online macking, but, just the other day, New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis fell victim to being absolutely denied by a Croatian model by the name of Ines Nikic.

Here's the little exchange that took place between "Zinger" and Ines.

For all those of you out there who don't know Croatian, here's what Ines Nikic's caption to Kristaps read:

“Are you sleeping peacefully at night, Kristaps?”

In other words, Ines played Porzingis in the worst of ways. Not only did the seven-footer get his attempts blocked worse than one of his terrible Knicks teammates all season long, but then Nikic came back with serious heat by actually posting a pic of her and her boyfriend kissing! Man, talk about some aggressive defense.

This isn't the first time Kristaps Porzingis has tried something like this, as he also got somewhat rejected by model Abigail Ratchford—who he tried flirting with not too long ago on social media, too. Something tells me Kristaps should probably just take a couple of plays off and save himself any further embarrassment until his Knicks take the floor again next season.

Sorry, we just had to go there.


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