Kylie Jenner's Hottest Instagram Moments In Honor Of Her 20th Birthday

It's official, gentlemen — Miss Kylie Jenner is no longer a teenager. I'm sure for most dudes, specifically Tyga, her age was never really a topic of concern, BUT for us self-respecting Gents, it's nice to at least know that she's only one-year away from being able to legally drink an ice-cold brewsky.

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With 96.4 million Instagram followers, Kylie has amassed a popularity we've only seen reserved for well, the other members of her family — but still, she's by far made the most progress for someone her age. Hell, she's the youngest mogul I can think of, so kudos to her! If you guys were able to use half the effort she puts into her lip kips, you'd be millionaires.

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We weren't sure how best to commemorate this beautiful day — I mean, a girl only turns 20 once! We had to make it special, not just for Kylie, but of course, for her loyal fans — you guys! This is FHM after all, so what better way to honor young Jenner on her born day than to recollect on her finest Instagram moments of this year?! Problem is, how do we even begin to choose? KJ is sort of The Queen of The Sexy Selfie. We could have easily made this gallery 1,000 pictures long. Of course, we don't want ya'll to sacrifice productivity at work (and potentially your girlfriend) so we narrowed it down to drool-worthy 29. Don't ask us how we settled on that number, it just happened.

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These pictures are the creme de la creme of Kylie Jenner and we have a funny feeling that you guys will most definitely agree. So sit back, relax, and take it all in — like a nice relaxing cocktail that Jenner is still not yet old enough to legally consume. Sorry, had to make one last dig.

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