After Seeing What A Lack Of Sleep Does To The Brain You Might Just Think Twice About That Netflix Binge (Video)

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To all the people out there who like to brag about how little they sleep, you might be singing a different tune after you check out just how much a lack of sleep effects the brain and body. Seriously, it might've been cool back in college to pull an all-nighter eating Ramen noodles and killing bad guys on Call of Duty, but, nowadays? Not so much! Y'all should really know better! We get it though, it's not always easy to stay up-and-up on the latest and greatest health and fitness research, no matter how common sense it may seem. That's where we come in. We're going to walk you guys through why it's so important that you get a good night's sleep — every freakin' night.

Below you'll find a video from sleep expert Matthew Walker from Tech Insider. He's a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, as well as the publisher of, Why We Sleep. If there's anyone who can convince you, it's this man.

Pretty alarming stuff, huh? Binge-watching TV shows all night is starting to seem less and less appealing, we bet. That being said, we'd like to once more highlight some of Walker's key points.

Lack Of Sleep Effects On The Brain/Body:

These are just the ones we decided to highlight! Watching that video, you know there were many more! If getting a solid night's sleep will prevent you a world of pain in both the short and long term, why not just do it?

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