Lady Gaga Snapped Some Pics In A Chain Link Bikini And Man, We Can't Hold Our Poker Face

It's not too often that we feature Lady Gaga's Instagram here on FHM, so you guys should know you're in for an extra-special treat. Love her or hate her, Gaga has remained ever-relevant in the pop culture circuit since the mid-2000s. "Poker Face"? "Alejandro"? "Bad Romance"? The woman is nothing if not a certifiable genius when it comes to catchy music. Thankfully however, she's traded in her meat dresses for chain bikinis, and that's what we'll be sharing here with you all today.

Before we dive into the sexy, let's talk what 2017 has been like for Lady Gaga. Frankly speaking, she hasn't exactly been on our radar, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had quite the busy year. First and foremost, she turned 31 back in March! Happy Belated, Gaga! Oh, she also happened to perform in the 2017 Super Bowl. That's a pretty big one! You'll have to forgive us, by the time December rolls around it's hardly natural to think about anything that occurred last winter (especially because the Patriots won that sh*t, as per).

On another high note, Gaga began her Joanne world tour back in August. Joanne being the title of her latest album — c'mon guys. The album was named after her late aunt who she's mentioned on numerous occasions to have been a great inspiration for her music. Between her world tour, new album, the super bowl, and looking like a certifiable babe left and right, we might just have to change our tune and declare 2017 the year of Gaga!

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