Lady Hilariously Live-Tweets A Couple's Date, Acts As A Bible For What Guys Should Never Do

Image via Shutterstock

Back when I was single, I honestly can't remember a first date that stood out as being bad. Sure, there were a few awkward ladies I met up with—and some would probably say the same about me—but, for the most part, things just fizzled because there wasn't much of a connection.

Although I haven't had a poor first date, one lady seemed to have had the absolute worst—if an onlooker's Twitter feed is any indication. That's because some lady with the Twitter handle Kelly Fine witnessed what seems to be the bible for what not to do when meeting someone for dinner for the first time. Just look at some of the ascinine stuff Kelly saw and reported to the world.

I could continue, but I think you get the point, it's absolutely savage! But you can see the full details over at EliteDaily, who documents the full disaster.

Now, after doing a little digging, it turns out that the reporter of all this, Kelly Fine, is a writer, so I'm hopeful that what we just read is true and not just a way for her to get some pub. I want to believe, Kelly, because this is epic!

Whether actually true or a nonfiction masterpiece stirred up by Kelly, this is an important reminder for men everywhere—don't be an arrogant jackass.


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