Woman's Life Was Miraculously Saved By Her iPhone Blocking Gun Fire During The Las Vegas Shooting

Image Via Twitter

The Las Vegas Shooting perpetrated by 64-year-old gunman Stephen Paddock has left the country it complete dismay. Paddock fired rounds from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino during the Las Vegas Country Music Festival — leaving 59 casualties and upward of 515 people injured. The shooting is one of the largest mass murders in U.S. history.


In the days since, an insurmountable weight of grief has been felt across the entire nation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected all over America. During times of such sorrow, it's important to take solace in the spirit of kindness, love, and humanity. That's why when we came across this incredible story, we knew it was necessary to share with our readers. It's nothing short of a miracle and despite what the older generations have to say about technology, you never know when it just might save your life.

According to multiple sources a woman's iPhone stopped a bullet during the shooting, saving her life. A picture has since begun to circulate around the internet and people are in total awe.



Aside from the image, nothing else is known on the woman. Details of her identity have yet to surface. The iPhone appears to have been shattered from a single bullet — that's all that can be confirmed.

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